A Spark Ignites, Pt III: A Manifesto

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Today, I return. Today, I start back on the Appalachian Trail at Unicoi Gap, heading north. This is where my trip truly begins, and barring any unforeseen circumstances, the next time I come home, it’ll be by way of Maine. I’ve been home almost two weeks, and with every passing day, I’ve gotten more restless […]

I Am Mountain Goat

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One of the biggest misconceptions that non-hikers have of long distance hiking is that it’s boring. That without constant technological stimulation, a day packed full of planned activities and access to the wider world, we’re all either hiking endless identical miles or sitting around camp staring at each other. Let me tell you, that ain’t […]

Setting Forth (Sort Of)

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Today is the big day. Or at least, the first big day. Today I set off from Amicalola Falls State Park for the next nine days to take a quick walk up to North Carolina. For those I haven’t told, I’ll be doing this trip in two legs. (And also on two legs. Get it?) […]